Owens Corning Basements

Owens Corning Offers Incredible Value for All Basement Systems

When we use the term Owens Corning for basement systems, we’re discussing one of one of the most relied on names in basement finishing systems and also convenience and insulation that you can rely on. You will find that Owens Corning Basement Systems lead the industry and our basement design suggestions could be the best option that you need to begin appropriately transforming your basement into your dream vision while also taking pleasure in one of the most economical basement finishing systems and processes on the marketplace today.

owens-corning-basement-finishing-systems-cincinnati-ohioThe most delightful thing about finishing a basement, though, is that when once completed, a new redecorated basement can be a delight for the entire family. The budget-friendly Owens Corning Basement System can be installed versus renovating a basement from square one! With the aid of the incredibly made Owens Corning basement finishing solution, you could make sure that you are entrusted to something beautiful as well as modern-day to make use of that includes added comfort as well as living space to your home. With the unique design as well as simplicity of our basement finishing systems, including our unique and expertly mounted basement panels, it lessens the time that you invest stressing over how long the task is going to take.

There are many reasons why finishing a basement to add living space is a good idea. In the never-ending search for more living space, converting space that is present within the existing footprint of your home is almost always preferable to the large investment of actually adding a room addition. On average, finishing a basement costs 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of adding a comparable amount of square footage through a structural room addition.

And a finished basement is one of the few major home improvement projects that returns a large amount of equity to the value of your home. Not only do you gain valuable living space for your family, but you may recoup as much as 75 percent of the remodeling cost in added equity when you sell your home in the future. According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, a basement remodel, upon sale, returns a high percentage of the money invested. So, a basement remodels that costs $61,011 might bring back $44,467, or around 72% when you sell the house.

With the assistance of Owens Corning basement styles, you could make the finest quality of basement finishing systems for your home and take full advantage of the look, capability and effectiveness that you receive from among the U.S.A.’s most popular basement systems. Because it was designed more than 65 years back, our basement finishing systems have actually become a mainstay in improvements yet particular in basement design. We’ve installed plenty of Owens Corning basement systems right here in Cincinnati, so ask your neighbors or review our wonderful reviews to see exactly how they owens-corning-basement-remodeling-design-ideas-cincinnati-ohioreally feel concerning our remarkable high quality and incomparable customer contentment. For a finished basement, it serves as a strong means to produce special insulation that will certainly permit the walls an opportunity to take a breath and create energy effectiveness throughout your entire house. It also allows for the wall surfaces to stay secured and to minimize the opportunity of dampness surviving.


In a basement setting, especially, this could be extremely budget-friendly for keeping your power costs down, along with eliminating moisture and the anxiety of leaks. Owens Corning basements likewise manage to keep the noise of the basement restricted and also makes certain that the warm is going to be successfully entrapped inside for exceptional power conservation. These remarkable basement systems make rooms very easy to use and also really quiet in general. They also provide easy access to necessities like the structure, electric, or plumbing that has been mounted. Many thanks to the convenience of use of Owens Corning basement systems, these restorations have owens-corning-finished-basement-remodeling-systems-cincinnati-ohioactually come to be less complicated compared to ever before to handle and are a leading basement completing idea compared to a lot more expensive personalized basements. We’ll ensure you are entrusted to a completed basement that looks unbelievable as well as handles the performance and aesthetic style that you desire of your new space.

This system also comes with finished ceilings, which consist of suspended acoustic panels. However, there is no flooring option with the Owens Corning System; you’ll have to plan and install flooring yourself at additional cost. Ceiling lighting is also included with this system, as part of the ceiling installation. Both wall and ceiling panels are removable, allowing you access to wiring and mechanical systems, should it become necessary.

The Owens Corning system cannot be purchased ala carte and installed yourself. Only franchised installers can handle and install the system components, and your project will be an all-or-nothing affair. After one or more meetings with a sales representative—which can often be high-pressure pitch—contracts are signed and an installation crew from Cincinnati Basement Remodeling Pros will show up at a later date to completely finish the walls and ceilings, a process that usually requires about two weeks.

The advantage of this installation model is that you will emerge with a fully finished basement (minus a finished floor) in a relatively short amount of time. The main disadvantage is that you must work with an approved franchised sales-and-installation company, in which pricing can be difficult to understand.

With our aid, you need no longer bother with a basement task not turning out specifically as you had visualized it would, or constantly worrying about how much it costs to finish a basement. Call us today for a free price quote and also specialist assessment and be the first on your block to have an Owens Corning Basement System.